Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Fresh Start

Ok, so I'm so great at blogging, considering my last post was in January. Spring is a very busy time for me doing gardening and spending a lot of time outdoors. Now that the sweltering heat is upon us, I tend to stay indoors more. Between the mosquitoes and the humidity triggered migraines, it's all I can do to get out and feed the chickens and pick our produce. I did however find a website that gets us out of the house for a little bit. We observe fireflies for ten minutes once a week and send that information into the National Wildlife Federation to help out in their study of fireflies. I believe they're the same organization who do the Backyard Bird Watch.  Their website has a lot of 'watches' for you to do in your own backyard.

We just started our summer term last week. It amazes me how everything in the world will come up to keep me from teaching starting the very first day. From pet mice dying to an almost severed thumb (my dad has a workshop in our garage.) However, thanks to my wonderful family, we have the school room in working order so I don't have to drag the centers out into the living room every day. Nor do I have to stare at half primed walls and gaping holes where baseboards belong. The room was in bad disarray when we moved in and is the last room to get TLC in the house. My nephews and brother helped me gut the room and reorganize. My sister-in-law set me up with some great Montessori work, helped me dust myself off and set me in the right direction. My dad and husband helped me get the room painted, sealed and finish trimming the windows and got the baseboards put up. It looks so fresh and clean I almost don't want to use it.