Monday, January 3, 2011

A Bumpy Start

I must say I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't find any Charlotte Mason books or Handbook of Nature Study in my area. I went to the local large bookstore chain and they said they could order...with a four dollar deliver fee tacked on to the already high price. I then trudged on over to our local library. They did not have it nor did any of the local branches. Call it my impatience of wanting a book NOW, or the fact that I just like to hold the book in my hand and flip through it before I buy it, but I don't usually buy things on-line. However, it looks like this time I may have to break my 'old-fashioned' ways and purchase it from Amazon.
This will not deter me from starting the One-Hour Challenge today. I purchased a little journal for H to start her nature journal and we head out today to the big world of our front yard!


  1. Ooh, I get that same impatient feeling as well. I found our hardcover HoNS on Ebay - it's gigantic and I'm sure I blocked the delivery cost from my memory.

    ps Have you have you had a look at Simply Charlotte Mason's "The Early Years?"

  2. Yes, that is the book I want to get. There are several books on her methods (the reason I wanted to actually flip through them.) But since I can't, I figured the Early Years would be a good one to start with since that's where we are right now in our life! Do you have it or have you seen it? Is it worth ordering?