Monday, January 3, 2011

One-Hour Challenge #1

Went for a walk down our street, something different than just our own backyard. We discovered pods with seeds in them, ice in the dirt, acorns, a bird's nest, shadows and the fact that some trees lost their leaves and others didn't (some of the ones with their leaves also had berries.) We haven't decided which two we're going to study further, they didn't really show an interest in one particular thing. We will probably narrow it down to acorns and evergreens or shadows. The important thing is we got outside!

Do holly leaves hurt? Ouch! Yes they do.

The ice froze in straight up-and-down lines in the dirt. It was cold to touch!

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  1. great start! =)
    We have been doing the seasonal outdoor hour for the last year, but am just now starting at the basics of the weekly assignments that compliments The Handbook of Nature Study.